Getting the Best Leads:

March 29, 2017
To fully understand what has turned into leaders in the field of performance-based online marketing, it is necessary to take a look at their advanced marketing methods and their impressive use of technology. The methods they have developed over the years have made it possible to offer performance-based state-of-the-art marketing services..

The fact is, has grown quite a bit over the years, by utilizing virtually every type of marketing method available, including direct mail and telemarketing, as well as traditional TV, radio and print, to generate traffic to their very sophisticated inbound call centers. Once that happens, callers are pre-screened by trained professionals and then sent to the appropriate clients via their very specialized "Live Call Transfer" system. What that means is, the potential client who speaks to a client salesperson has already shown interest in the product and the salesperson need only close the deal. According to statistics, salespeople convert the leads 15-25 percent of the time, which is a phenomenal record and is good for all concerned.

Set Your Business Apart with Anthony Patane’s

December 20, 2016
No matter what the industry, every company needs to have a way to set themselves apart from their competitors. If you are looking for a way to set your business apart, then it is time you look at the products developed by Anthony Patane in is now one of the most innovative technology companies in the field of lead generation and development due to thier infrastructure that assists their clients in locating specially qualified potential clients. This aspect of their product helps with lead generation and their other product involves connecting leads to sales immediately after contact allowing their clients to develop a significant time reduction in lead to sales closures which reduces loss of lead due to time delays.

Their product, developed by Anthony Patane, uses online and offline marketing techniques such as Internet, TV, Radio, Print, and Telemarketing Technologies. By combining these efforts together, they have created the success that Livetransfers.Com has come to have a reputation for. By bringing a series of marketing efforts in collaboration with each other, they are able to drive traffic to the business’s websites. And not just any traffic, but traffic from potential clients that are already interested in like businesses. This unique lead population allows the potential clients to get to the sites they need in order to get the products they want.